Rebuilding the Bridgeton Covered Bridge

| January 26, 2006

The sawmills are going to start cutting the trees as soon as the ground freezes. So, I thought we could look at some photos of an event that was put on to raise money for Rebuilding the Bridgeton Covered Bridge. The first photo is a member of the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association. If you’ve never […]

Groundbreaking ceremony

| January 14, 2006

The groundbreaking ceremony was help on Jan. 12, 2006. It was a beautiful day with blue sky and temps. in the 50s. The first photo shows the Construction Committee holding up a model of a covered bridge. It was decided to do this instead of shovels. There are more people on the team than could […]

Abutment Damage

| January 6, 2006

In these two photos you can see some damage of the abutments. The first photo on the left shows some broken stone on the south abutment. Possibly from freezing water breaking it out. The second photo is a close up of the north pier. You can see the burnt stone and if you look closely […]

Abutments and Center Pier

| January 6, 2006

Some folks out there might not know what the “Abutments and Center Pier” are. They are basically the foundation of the covered bridge. The abutments are under the ends of the bridge and the center pier holds up the middle. Why does the middle have to be help up? Because in 1868 (when our covered […]

Info on Abutments and Center Pier

| January 6, 2006

Below this blog are 3 blogs about the abutments and center pier. I have 5 photos I wanted to share with you but I couldn’t get them all into one blog. So, I made 3 blogs and split up the photos. Still, some how it all got messed up. They are a little out of […]

North Abutment

| January 5, 2006

The north abutment is the most worry. It is still submerged in the Mill Pond water. The other 2 (South abutment and center pier) are surrounded by silt that has built up in the pond. Also, the north side of the creek has the heaviest flow of water and that is where most of the […]

Trees for the New Covered Bridge

| January 1, 2006

Announcements were sent out to 4 local newspapers to ask for donations of trees for the project. Plus, several TV stations ran info about it on their news programs. I’ve been told hundreds of folks have called in wanting to donate trees. We feel confident that we will have all the trees we need. A […]