Bridgeton Covered Bridge

| February 15, 2006

The photo below shows the MINI TEREX being lowered to the island so they can work on the center pier. This way they didn’t have to build a temporary road out to the island. The photo to the right is the crew getting ready to pull the first stone off the center pier. The last […]

Bridgeton Covered Bridge

| February 5, 2006

Trees are being cut and logs are being delivered. They are starting to stack them up across the creek from the mill. The loggers were able to get a few before the ground became too soggy. Now I believe they are waiting for the ground to freeze. The trees must have a 20 inch diameter […]

Work has begun on the abutments

| February 3, 2006

Work has begun on the abutments. The first photo on the right is the south abutment. They are pulling the stones out one by one to check them for damage. The damage could be from moisture which makes them soft and crumbly or they might be broken. A broken stone might have been hit by […]