End of Phase One

| June 28, 2006

The sawing of the logs for the Bridgeton Covered Bridge is finished. There should be a photo of one of the last boards. It is 14 inches wide X 2 inches thick and 38 feet 5 inches long. It is from one of the longest logs we sawed. The board only had a few small […]

Rebuilding the Abutments and More

| June 19, 2006

The work on the abutments and the center pier has begun. This is a photo of one of the stones being cut to fit. Some of the stones in the old abutments (foundation for the bridge) were soft or broken. Apex Masonry was able to get some stones from another covered bridge that was burned […]

Wabash Students Helping

| June 10, 2006

Here is a photo of the Wabash College students working on the BIG pile of sticks. The pile of sticks were created by Terry Rooksberry. He cuts the slabs into 2 X 4s 2X 6s … etc. and also cuts the siding out of the 1 inch slabs. When Terry gets the slabs they have […]

More Logs

| June 8, 2006

Pingelton has delivered the last of the logs. We started sawing again on Thur. June 8 A lot has happened since I last posted something on this blog. 23 students from Wabash College came to Bridgeton on June 1st and worked on the bridge project. They did a lot of stuff we have been putting […]