August 28, 2006

| August 29, 2006

The Covered Bridge was set across the creek today. Everything went smooth. There were many folks watching the historic event. It is a wonderful sight to see a covered bridge out the mill windows again. We have a sign that says “Most Beautiful View in Town” near the window that everyone looks out of. After […]

Covered Bridge on Wheels

| August 20, 2006

The plan is to move the covered bridge on Monday August 28, 2006. 16 months after the fire. There is a nice photo on this blog. I hope it comes through. Once it is set the arches, floor, roof and sides will be added. MIke Roe Bridgeton Mill

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

| August 2, 2006

The first post for the bridge was attached on Tu. The photo on the right is Ben Hill checking it for level. The photo on the left is the progress at the end of the 3rd day (Wed). They almost finished all the posts on the first span. I will put more photos on later. […]