Oak Posts for Mill

| September 23, 2010

Dave Gahimer donated 4 oak posts to replace the jacks I have under the mill.  When I finish raising the floors we will slide the posts into place.  On the left Nathan Roe is bringing post to mill with tractor.  Middle photo – Dave and Rob Jones are getting it ready to lower into basement.  […]

Finishing Trash Rack

| September 7, 2010

I planned to build a security fence from the mill to the walkway.  This way I could walk from the door (I restored) to the walkway and rake the trash rack.  I was concerned about folks walking around on the walkway and the fence would keep them off.    I had put up a sign […]

new Sign for Mill – Part 2

| September 6, 2010

Once the 2 pieces were connected we used ropes to pull it up.  I put bolts in the sign and predrilled holes in the mill for it to fit into.  Karen used a pole to push it away from the mill if it got caught on something (From a lower window).  It took 5 people […]

New Sign for Mill

| September 6, 2010

On the left you can see the new sign for the mill.  A friend (Rob Jones) started a sign business and cut out the letters for me.  I mounted them on 2 X 4s.  We carried em down to the foundation – “31 ft long”.  Below you can see Karen handing down the rest of […]