Popcorn Meal – Yellow

Popcorn Meal - Yellow

We do not sell popcorn ... we buy popcorn and grind it up into a cornmeal - Popcorn Meal. It is grittier than regular cornmeal and has a little different taste. Reportedly - During the Civil War some of the mills in the South didn't have any corn to grind, so they started grinding popcorn. You can make cornbread with it and if you use "buttered salt - for popcorn" instead of the regular salt your cornbread will taste a little like popcorn.


We use the Post Office Flat Rate Box for shipping.  It is $12.00 (Shipping only) for one box to anywhere in the continental USA.  We can put up to 5 bags in a box.  So,  If you order 1 – 5 bags the shipping is $12.00.  ORDER MORE and SAVE !!!

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