Pre-Made Mixes

All of our mixes are made with our 100% Whole Grain, 100% Stone Ground Products from the Mill and at the Mill.

Cornbread Mixes– The family we bought the mill from taught us how to do the milling and gave us their grandfather’s recipes.  We still use the same recipes today but we have come up with variations of it to expand our line of healthy foods.

  • ‘Traditional’ yellow (bolted & unbolted)
  • ‘Southern style’ white (bolted & unbolted)
  • Bridgeton’s Favorite blue (bolted & unbolted)
  • Red
  • NEW! Purple

Pancake Mixes

  • Buckwheat –  Buckwheat has an earthy flavor and is better for you than wheat. (Buckwheat is an herb – not a wheat) a real old-fashioned favorite!
  • 7 Grain – A multi-grain version of the classic, it has a lot of flavor and is our best selling pancake mix.
  • Homestyle – Old fashioned pancake mix.  Very hardy
  • Buttermilk – Our Whole Grain takes on the buttermilk pancake! We use buttermilk solids and sugar to produce a light and creamy pancake.
  • NEW! Pumpkin – This is a new take on the old classic.   This is a real seasonal treat.
  • NEWER!!  Cinnamon Spice – Another great seller.  Wonderful whole grains combined with special spices to make a wholesome food your kids will enjoy.

Other Products– The Fish Batter mix was another recipe we use from the original family.  The other products were all developed by us over the years since we started running the mill- either through customer requests/suggestions or just something we came up with!

  • Fish Batter – Made with our own unbolted cornmeal and whole wheat flour, this is a lightly seasoned classic!
  • Cajun Fish Batter – The classic, with a Cajun twist.
  • Popcorn Fish Batter – If you like a crunchy jacket on your fried foods – you will love this batter. (And, yes it is made with ground up popcorn).
  • Cracked wheat & Oat Cereal – A hot breakfast cereal that is filling, delicious and healthy
  • Pumpkin Muffin Mix- Seasonal and regional favorite
  • 7 Grain Muffin Mix- Nothing like hot, fluffy muffins fresh from the oven!
  • Bridgeton Black Rye- A bread machine mix that is easy to make and very tasty.  If you like bread with a rich dark color and wonderful strong rye flavor … this is for you!!
  • Miller’s Cracked Wheat Bread- Another bread machine ready mix

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