Bridgeton Mill Products

All Mill Products are fresh ground and whole grain-
We grind everything fresh at the mill with our 200yr old French Burr grindstones.
We offer both:
100% Whole Grain and Premade Mixes


We use only the best grains in our Stone Ground Products- hard wheat from Montana, buckwheat from northern Indiana, popcorn from Illinois, blue corn from Missouri, red corn from southern Mexico and the purple corn is native to South America.  Each of them is ground right there at the Mill then hand mixed and bagged by the family right on site!  There is no additional processing and no additives or preservatives in our products- it is fresh made and best served FRESH.  This ensures that the natural flavors and nutrients of the grains are all present when you get them.  This also means that if you aren’t able to use up the entire bag- please keep them in the fridge or the freezer.


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