Bridgeton Mill  – Festival Rules

*Booths will be open by 8:30 am every day.  Vehicles will be out of shopping area by 8:20 am.  Booths will stay

open until crowd leaves – usually 6:00 sometimes later on weekends.

*Your entire booth will be within your space – including trailer hitch, tent stakes, chairs, tables …. Etc.

*No radios or TVs unless you have permission from Mike Roe.  No elect. Heaters or noisy generators.

*No subletting of booth.

*Bridgeton Mill – it’s owners – family or employees are not responsible for loss, theft or accidents.

You are required to carry your own insurance for the space.

*No hawking, services, raffles or give  – aways  are allowed.  No food sold in non food booths.

Unless you have permission from Mike Roe.

*Elect. 3 prong exterior extension cords only – you provide.  Anyone caught using elect. And not

paying for it will be charged $50.00 plus a $50.00 fine.  Total $100.00

*If anyone becomes a problem with the promoter or festival – they will be told to leave

and no refund given.

*You must have a TML (Transient Merchants License) in full view in your booth.

Get this from Parke County Auditor – 765-569-3422.  It is $100.00 plus a $20.00

processing fee.  There are exemptions – ask the auditor.

*$50.00 charge for cancelations before Jan. 1st.  No refunds after Jan. 1st.

*Your space must be left the way you found it – clean.

*Booths must be paid for by July 15th – A late fee of 15% will be added for late payment.

Mike Roe

Bridgeton Mill



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