Bolted is and old-fashioned term that means sifted.  The bolted corn will be smoother and consistent, unbolted cornmeal is whole-grain and will have more texture.

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  • Blue Cornmeal


    Blue corn is naturally from the American SW- Ours is Organic and comes from Missouri.

  • Purple Cornmeal


    Recently rediscovered, purple corn comes from South America. It was a basic food of the Incas. It is loaded with vitamins, nutrients and antitoxins. The photo show the purple corn before we grind it into cornmeal for you.

  • Red Cornmeal


    Red corn is native to the far SW of America and Mexico- we normally get ours from southern Mexico.

  • White Cornmeal


    Ground from locally sourced, non-GMO, quality food grade corn.

  • Yellow Cornmeal


    Quality, local, food-grade corn- stone ground and hand packaged