Purple Corn – From Peru

Posted By on February 22, 2010

web-purple-cornI have tried to get Purple Corn several times in the past.  Finally, I found a supplier that handled it.  It is so dark it looks like coffee beans.  Why is corn different colors?  The more vitamins in a grain the darker and more colorful it becomes.  This is the richest tasting cornmeal I have ever had.  Wonderful! !  The first order – 150lbs  sold pretty fast at the Winter Farmer’s Market in Indy.  So, I have ordered more for the Maple Syrup Fest.  Hopefully, I can get it ground, mixed and bagged before Sat.  And, it is sitting on the living room floor right now ….. so I need to get it moved to the mill.  I’m lucky to have an understanding wife that puts up with me.

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