Time Out – We Need To Grind

| February 20, 2012

The Farmer’s Markets we do in the winter are doing very well.  More and more folks want fresh natural food.  So, we are running out of products and need to grind more.  However, raising the floors has made the stones and everything connected to them out of level.  In the photo you can see how […]

Temporary Wedges

| February 20, 2012

We drive oak wedges on top of the posts as we raise the building.  We are going about 1/2 in. per month.  There are 6 posts we are working on.

Jacking Around at the Mill

| January 1, 2012

Dave Gahimer and I are starting the job of raising the mill to put in the new posts.  The floors are sagging ……. so, they need to be jacked up before the new posts go in.  We figure moving the floors up 1/2 in. at a time is safe.  This is moving 3 floors of […]

2011 Was a Tough Year

| December 26, 2011

We had a big flood in Feb. and several more in March and April.  The Mill Pond was filled with trees and high winds had knocked down 7 trees in the Tail Race.  Then a tornado hit the mill in May.  We had a lot of water damage in the mill because part of the […]

Topless Mill

| December 18, 2011

  Looking through the roof from the top floor.  It rained for several days after the roof was blown off.  We had to clean 3 floors and then used a sprayer with bleach water to double clean.  The machinery shown is not used today.  It is the top of the old swing sifter.  It took […]

More Help Clearing the Tail Race

| December 18, 2011

  Dustin (Son) and Ethan (Grandson) helped with the cleanup.  Also, Adam Krackenberger helped alot  and others.

Clearing the Tail Race

| December 18, 2011

Jimmy Liddle helping with the 200 + trees that fell into the tail race.  We had to get them out or it would silt back in.  It took 2 days and 6 bonfires to clear the creek. Jimmy

New Roof – Thanks Mother Nature and the Insurance Co.

| December 18, 2011

No more leaks!!!!!

New Roof

| December 18, 2011

I painted the eves before the workers put the new roof on.  Had to work fast because I didn’t want to slow them down.

Before Photo of Tail Race

| July 16, 2011

The tail race was full of buried trees and dirt when we started working on it.  It has taken a few years of working on it – off and on – to get it this open.