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Posted By on September 10, 2006

As you can see the bridge is almost finished. The last piece of the arch was put in on Friday. The big jobs left are the siding and the roof. We didn’t have enough $$$$$ for the hand split shake roof so we are going with a metal roof. A lot of folks wanted a metal roof because it doesn’t leak like a wood shake roof and it is maintenance free for many years.
The History Class from Turkey Run High School came and helped with staining the siding. They worked 2 days and painted all the batten strips. (The siding is called Board and Batten – The siding is 12 inches wide and is verticle on the bridge. There is a small 3 inch board that covers the gap between the 12 in. boards and it is called the batten) We decided to use solid color stain instead of paint because it does not peel like paint. The paint on the old bridge was always peeling. If you look close you can see the kids have a lot of paint on them. They were haveing a lot of fun and painted each other along with the boards.

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