Frame is finished

| September 10, 2006

As you can see the bridge is almost finished. The last piece of the arch was put in on Friday. The big jobs left are the siding and the roof. We didn’t have enough $$$$$ for the hand split shake roof so we are going with a metal roof. A lot of folks wanted a […]

Auction for the Bridge

| May 2, 2006

The blog seemed to be down for awhile. I couldn’t get it to do anything. It is working today and a photo showed up. Hopefully it will come through cyberspace. The photo is of Ethan (age 6) and Cinnamon (age 5) painting the ends of the lumber the Wood Mizers are cutting. Even my grandchildren […]

photo of Dustin

| April 28, 2006

Today I am posting a photo of Dustin (Our middle son – Ethan and Dylan’s father) helping on the covered bridge. I have a lot of nice photos I would like to share with all of you. But, they won’t show up for some reason. I am getting the little red X again. Oh well. […]

Trees for the Bridge

| March 31, 2006

I noticed the last blog doesn’t have a photo on it. There is a photo on this one. I hope it doesn’t get lost in cyberspace because it is Ethan standing on one of the logs that has been donated for the bridge. We counted 138 logs altogether. We need around 210 I’m told. They […]

Covered Bridge – Mill – Water Wheel

| March 30, 2006

The photo is of Ethan’s drawing of the Bridgeton Mill and Covered Bridge. He likes to draw and this is one of his favorite subjects. The other one is dragons. I have tried to put news on this blog a couple of times but it won’t go for some reason. If this thing was water […]

Ethan’s Drawing

| March 28, 2006

I promised to show one of Ethan’s (Age 6) drawings of the Bridgeton Mill and Covered Bridge. He likes to draw and this is one of his favorite subjects. In one of the last blogs I asked if anyone new what was hanging down at the ends of Ben Hill’s model of the Bridgeton Covered […]

Bridgeton Covered Bridge

| March 6, 2006

Ben Hill made this model of the Bridgeton Covered Bridge. It is 8 feet long with 2 sections, each 4 foot long. One section is finished with siding and a cedar shake roof. the other section is left open so you can see the bridge construction. Ben is retired from the construction business. He has […]