Abutment Damage

In these two photos you can see some damage of the abutments. The first photo on the left shows some broken stone on the south abutment. Possibly from freezing water breaking it out. The second photo is a close up of the north pier. You can see the burnt stone and if you look closely you can see lots of cracks. Some of these are not cracks. This is where a stone was missing and pieces were found and cemented back into the hole to fill it. Also, if you look in the center of the photo you will see a large flat stone with no dimple. (The dimple is where the tongs were placed to pick up the stones) This stone is smooth and at a slight angle to the other stones.. It is where the Burr Arch rested against the abutment.

If you would like to make a donation to help pay for the abutment repair go to rebuildthebridge.com even a small amount would help. Tell you friends to check in on our progress.


Mike Roe

Bridgeton Mill


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