August 28, 2006

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The Covered Bridge was set across the creek today. Everything went smooth. There were many folks watching the historic event. It is a wonderful sight to see a covered bridge out the mill windows again. We have a sign that says “Most Beautiful View in Town” near the window that everyone looks out of. After the fire I covered it up with a poem that a lady in town had written about the bridge and fire. Today I took down the poem and let folks see the old sign. Of course the bridge is missing a few pieces. But, Dan thinks it might be done in about 4 weeks.

MIke Roe
Bridgeton Mill

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks Great Mike!

    Congrats on regaining your view!

  2. Another amazing post! Thanks

  3. I’ll share this post of yours, Thank you so much!

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