big log being cut up

Posted By on May 14, 2006

This is the second photo of the big log being cut up. The man on the left is Dale Keys. He brought his own skid steer and helps out nearly every day. The guy in yellow is Joe, he lives up the road and helps out about every day. The third guy is Don Price, he owns the Wood Mizer in the background is helping cut up the logs. They are cutting the log down to size because it is too big to fit in the Wood Mizer. The larger logs have to be notched so the head will be able to travel along the log. Normally it takes 2 skid steers to lift a log this big. Dan wasn’t there this day with his skid steer so Dale was on his own. We thought it was impossible but Dale was determined. Make sure you check out the next blog …. Dale does a nose dive in his skid steer trying to pick up the big log. Actually he does several nose dives but I caught the biggest one on film.
Does he get it on the Wood Mizer? Are we able to cut it up?

Tell your friends to check out this bog. Maybe we can get a few more donations or volunteers. Remember …. If you want to donate go to

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