Big Log for Covered Bridge

Posted By on May 12, 2006

This is a photo of me standing next to one of the larger logs. It measured a little over 40 inches across. This log is marked with a K and is for the arches. Each log is graded and marked with a letter by the logging companies, so the Wood Mizer guys will know how to cut it.
Pike Lumber and Cook Lumber have all their logs delivered. Pingelton Lumber is cutting now. They estimate around 10 tractor trailer loads of logs to be delivered. They told me they have some trees over 50 inches in diameter and around 70 feet tall. WOW
I have some great photos of this log in the photo being cut up. I tried to get all 3 photos in one blog but they didn’t want to load. So, I will try 3 different blogs.
The phone company installed a line for us so we could have 911 if needed. Everyone wants to help …. even the phone company.

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