Tail Race – Before and After tornado

Posted By on July 16, 2011

As you can see from the before and after photos the tail race is full of trees.  Tail race is about 250 ft. long.  The estimate for removing them is $7170.00.  I’m trying to convince the insurance Co. that the tail race is a piece of equipment.  And, they need to pay to have the trees removed. 

Tornado May 25, 2011

Posted By on July 16, 2011

A tornado hit the Bridgeton Mill and covered bridge.  It tore the roof off the north side of the mill and knocked several boards off the bridge.  The mill has had extensive water damage from the missing roof.  One of our barns was hit by 3 trees.  Our campground was covered by fallen trees.  The tail race we spent years cleaning out is completely full of trees.  The mill pond has many logs and trees in it from an earlier flood.  We haven’t had time to work on the mill pond.  We restored the sifter, grist mill ….. etc.  3 1/2 weeks after the storm we were grinding.  Yes, we have good insurance.  The new roof is on the mill.  Workers are working on the barn.  Hope to get the porches on the mill fixed next week.  Still repairing windows.  Tail race????  Big problem.

A tornado hit the Bridgeton Mill and covered bridge.

Karen Talking to Mildred – 1994

Posted By on February 21, 2011

web-1994-3This is one of my favorite photos.  Karen is talking to Mildred (Lady we bought the mill from).  I’m taking photos of the place.  The blue spot on the left is Karen’s arm.  I was trying to hide my excitement … but, I think Mildred saw through it.  She was showing us around and telling stories about the place.

Another – “Before” photo.

Posted By on February 21, 2011

web-1994-2This photo was taken from the rear of the building.  Guess I didn’t see the holes in the siding and the torn plastic in the windows?????

Trying to buy the mill – 1994

Posted By on February 21, 2011

web-1994-1Looking through old photos I found some taken in 1994.  This is when we first started talking to Mildred Weise about buying the old mill.

Dam Ice

Posted By on December 23, 2010

web-washout-gate-12-3-201The small washout gate (12in.) on the head race has frozen over with ice.  I circled it is red.  The water is still moving – red arrow.  The other washout gate (2′ X 4′) is open a little and still flowing.  These gates should keep the mill pond from silting in again.  If the weather cooperates after the first of the year I hope to do some more work on the tail race.

Oak Posts for Mill

Posted By on September 23, 2010

oak-posts-1oak-posts-2oak-posts-4Dave Gahimer donated 4 oak posts to replace the jacks I have under the mill.  When I finish raising the floors we will slide the posts into place.  On the left Nathan Roe is bringing post to mill with tractor.  Middle photo – Dave and Rob Jones are getting it ready to lower into basement.  Bottom photo Rob and Nate are guiding it to floor.  Dave is lowering it with a wench.

My ribs still hurt from the fall I had in the mill so I try not to strain myself.  In the first photo you can see 2 new freezers.  The old freezer went bad and it was covering up the old hole where the wheat was shoveled into the mill.  When we moved the old freezer I told Karen “Be careful those old boards are rotten”  A few minutes later I fell through them.  My ribs kept me from going all the way into the hole.

Finishing Trash Rack

Posted By on September 7, 2010

web-trash-rack-2010I planned to build a security fence from the mill to the walkway.  This way I could walk from the door (I restored) to the walkway and rake the trash rack.  I was concerned about folks walking around on the walkway and the fence would keep them off.    I had put up a sign “DANGER – STAY BACK 30 FEET – DANGER”  This seemed to keep folks off.  So, I just added more boards instead of the fence.  This will allow more water into the mill.  The fence would restrict some of the water flow.

new Sign for Mill – Part 2

Posted By on September 6, 2010

40949_425048291617_523781617_5404300_3903802_n47237_425048096617_523781617_5404283_7756889_nOnce the 2 pieces were connected we used ropes to pull it up.  I put bolts in the sign and predrilled holes in the mill for it to fit into.  Karen used a pole to push it away from the mill if it got caught on something (From a lower window).  It took 5 people but we got it into place.  It is centered on the center post inside the mill (Where I drilled the holes) but it doesn’t look centered on the outside??  Oh well, it has that country look.

New Sign for Mill

Posted By on September 6, 2010

sign-2010-1157909_425048471617_523781617_5404308_2310815_n1On the left you can see the new sign for the mill.  A friend (Rob Jones) started a sign business and cut out the letters for me.  I mounted them on 2 X 4s.  We carried em down to the foundation – “31 ft long”.  Below you can see Karen handing down the rest of the sign to Rance.  A volunteer that helps us occasionally.