Bridgeton Covered Bridge

Trees are being cut and logs are being delivered. They are starting to stack them up across the creek from the mill. The loggers were able to get a few before the ground became too soggy. Now I believe they are waiting for the ground to freeze. The trees must have a 20 inch diameter to be considered for the bridge. An arch piece must be at least 30 inches. Diameter is the distance across the tree at chest height. It seems some folks thought it was the distance around the tree. As the trees are being marked for cutting they are painting different letters on them. The letters correspond to a material list from the engineer. As an example – It is known how many pieces are needed for the arches and what size they have to be. So, as they mark the trees they can check it off the material list. It is estimated that we need over 200 logs for the bridge. I’m told we have enough donated. Some folks are still donating trees though. If they are close to Bridgeton and have several (More than 5) of the correct species – Yellow Poplar or Oak – the loggers will take a look.
The four Woodmizer guys are planning to start cutting the logs into posts in a couple of weeks. What they cut off will be siding, stringers …etc.
The first big fundraiser in Bridgeton for the covered bridge will be an Auction on April 29, 2006 from 10 – 2. It will be held across from the mill. If you would like to donate something for the auction …Antiques, art work, stuff …. etc contact – Debra Barnes – (765) 548-4095 or Susan Carr (765) 548-2760 or Charlie Alsip (812) 448-2371
Tell your friends about the exciting news in Bridgeton and they can check out the progress on this blog. To donate $$$$$$$$$$$$ go to for other donations or questions contact me through the web.

Mike Roe
Bridgeton Mill

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