Bridgeton Covered Bridge

Posted By on March 18, 2006

Ben Hill finished the model of the Bridgeton Covered Bridge for the Auction. The Auction will be held April 29th, 2006 in Down Town Bridgeton. All the money raised at the Auction will be used to rebuild the Bridgeton Covered Bridge. This model is 3/4 in. = one foot. The
first one he made was 1 in. = one foot. (I think I reported the wrong measurements on the first one). As you can see this one is a little smaller and would look wonderful in someone’s home, office, restaurant, school …etc. Check out the detail on the inside. This is a masterpiece.
In the first photo you can see Ben standing next to the model. If you look through the covered bridge model in the second photo you can see another covered bridge in the background. This is a real covered bridge Ben build on his property. The real covered bridge is not for sale. In the last photo you can see a tractor in the bridge, of course the tractor is not for sale. I just thought it would look cool setting in there.
If you would like to make a bid on this beautiful Work of Art let me
know. You can contact me through the website or email Tell your friends to check out this covered bridge model. Maybe they would like to bid on it. I think it would look great in the Bridgeton Mill. I will start the bidding at $200.00
What is that hanging down on both ends of the model? Did Ben have extra wood and his saw broke? Maybe it is a stand to hold it up? Some of you will know why it is there. I think you can figure it out if you look at the inside photo and then look at the outside photo. If you can’t figure it out, I will tell you the purpose in a future blog.
If you want to make a donation of $$$$$$$$$ go to If you want to help in any other way let me know.
Mike Roe
Bridgeton Mill

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    I hope you got what you needed in the auction Mike, you did the right job.

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    Where’s the access to the photos? I couldn’t see anything here.

  4. I hope to see this Bridgeton Covered Bridge in the future, I am sure this is detailed model worthy of the highest price in the auction.

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    Where exactly is that auction mate? I’m interested!

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