Bridgeton Covered Bridge – Meeting and Water Wheel

Alright !!!….. a photo appeared in the last blog so, I’m going to shoot for 2 photos in this one. The first photo should be me on top of the old water wheel cutting off one of the old rusty bolts. The second photo should be Dustin and I working on the wheel. I am cutting off another piece and Dustin is separating the back from the buckets and the rim. Ethan took this photo. He wanted to take some pictures, so I told him to take some of us working. There seems to be a lot of photos of other stuff. We were able to carry everything into Old Mill Barn except the axle. Bart Barnes came down with his tractor and moved it into the barn for me. I hope to restore the wheel and put it onto the mill. All I need is time and money.

The meeting to decide who is going to build the New Bridgeton Covered Bridge was this evening. We had another group come in and give us a bid. They are called “BARNS AND BRIDGES” . By the name you can guess they build barnes and bridges. They seemed very experienced and had lots of references. They came in late to the bidding and it is amazing they were able to pull it altogether in such a short time. So, we had 4 bids to choose from. All the folks that bid were qualified and impressive in their abilities. We did choose one that we felt was the best for this project. Since some of the bidders are watching this blog I won’t tell who the winner is until they have all been notified. This Sat. I have scheduled a BCBA (Bridgeton Covered Bridge Association) meeting to announce who the committee has chosen. Then the BCBA members can ask questions and decide if they like the one we choose.

Coming soon in further blogs. Cinnamon (My 5 year old granddaughter) shows off the jar of money she raised for the new covered bridge, Ethan’s drawing of Bridgeton Mill and Covered Bridge and the “Winner” of “who is gona build the bridge”

Don’t forget the “Auction for the Bridge” is coming …… April 29th during the Mountain Man Rendezvous. The Bridgeton Mill is will be OPEN Thur. April 6th, 10 Til – Tired, Pert-Near all summer long.

If you would like to donate $$$$$$$$$ for the bridge go to If you want to donate anything else contact me through We are planning a “Volunteer Party” for May 6th, 2006. We will be advertising for folks who want to help work on the bridge. Anyone who wants to help should come to the party. We will be showing the kinds of work that needs to be done. We will also be looking for who is coming, what can they do and when can they come. Hopefully we will have a time line of construction so we will know when we need folks. There will be a large pot of beans and Bridgeton Mill Cornbread for all that show up ….unless you are late and it is all gone. The “Volunteer Party” will be help at the Bridgeton Mill

Mike Roe

Bridgeton Mill


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