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Posted By on April 11, 2006

There should be 2 photos on this blog. The only one I see at this time is of Don Price (The guy on the right) and his Wood Mizer. The guy on the left is Count True. Count volunteered to help Don set up his machine and to help with some of the cutting. They set up Monday. Also on Monday Dan Collum set up his Wood Mizer and they both plan to start cutting on Tuesday.

The winner of the bridge building contract goes to Dave Waters and Dan Collum. They bid $125,000 and plan to build the entire bridge. We have to provide 2000 volunteer hours, material and an occasional lunch. If you would like to volunteer some time give me a call at the mill 765-548-0106 or home 812-877-9550. We have a “Volunteer Meeting” May 6th at 10:00 at the Bridgeton Mill.

The Wood Mizers are cutting up the logs for FREE.

The other photo should be Cinnamon with her donation jar. I don’t see it yet so it probably isn’t going to work.

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Bridgeton Mill

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