End of Phase One

The sawing of the logs for the Bridgeton Covered Bridge is finished. There should be a photo of one of the last boards. It is 14 inches wide X 2 inches thick and 38 feet 5 inches long. It is from one of the longest logs we sawed. The board only had a few small knots in it at the end. I hated to cut it . So, I took a few photos first. I hope it comes through cyberspace because it was a beautiful board.
This is the end of Phase One. That is where we get the logs and saw them up. Now we are starting Phase Two. This is where we make the pieces. The bridge is going to be like a big kit or puzzel. We make the pieces first and then assemble it. Dan thinks it will take several weeks to make all the pieces.

Mike Roe
Bridgeton Mill

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