Rebuilding the Abutments and More

The work on the abutments and the center pier has begun. This is a photo of one of the stones being cut to fit. Some of the stones in the old abutments (foundation for the bridge) were soft or broken. Apex Masonry was able to get some stones from another covered bridge that was burned in 1976. (The Red Bridge … It was never rebuilt.) I’m getting the little red X again. Hope it becomes a photo.

The Covered Bridge is all cut out. The sawing is done. I call this “Phase One”. “Phase Two” will be making the pieces….. (Notching the beams, cutting the arch segments … etc.) Folks keep coming into the mill and asking “When are they going to start the Covered Bridge?” I guess it depends on your definition of START. This is not a garage. We don’t buy 2 X 4s and start cutting and nailing them together. We have to cut down the trees, cut them into the beams, braces, posts etc. As needed. Then turn these pieces of wood into the pieces of the bridge. It is going to be like making a kit. We make all the pieces first and then assemble it. The assembly will be in August we hope. Then, after it is set across the creek the floor, roof and siding will be added.
“Phase One” was all donations and volunteers. “Phase Two” will be when the contractors (“Square and Level” and “The Beamery”) will take over and build the bridge. We have promised them a minimum of 2000 hours of volunteer labor. I hope to put in as many hours as possible.

Mike Roe
Bridgeton Mill


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