Rebuilding the Bridgeton Covered Bridge

Great news. MMS AE has finished the blueprints and gave them to us yesterday evening Nov. 10 / 2005. When I say gave – I mean they did all the work and gave them to us for free. The drawings are beautiful. It is a very close replica of the original bridge.

Now we can start deciding who is going to build the bridge, what is it going to cost, what is actually donated and how many dollar$ are we going to have to come up with. At this time we have somewhere around $130,000 collected. Plus the Parke County Auditor, PCI and the Community Foundation have collected some.

We need to have the abutments and the center pier examined to see if they need work. We are looking for some experts in this field who can help.

Check back for more info. We are going to have another meeting on Dec. 8th

If you would like to donate go to

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Mike Roe

Bridgeton Mill

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