Sawing Logs for Covered Bridge

Posted By on April 26, 2006

I guess the blog doesn’t like Ethan’s drawing. So, I will attempt to put a photo of Ethan (age 6) and Cinnamon ( Age 5) on the blog. The little red X has shown up again instead of the photo. Sometimes this becomes a photo and sometimes it doesn’t. The photo is of them painting the ends of the lumber that the Wood Mizers are cutting. The reason we paint the ends is because the ends dry too fast (Faster than the middle) and they crack, called checking. Pike Lumber has given us a special paint to use. We have used a whole 5 gallon bucket of it and are on our second bucket. Several folks have helped paint. My wife, Karen helped a couple of days and the grandkids were there and wanted to help.
We ran out of logs again. The sawmills said they would try and get us more logs for this weekend. Monday I saw 3 loads of logs come in and Tuesday I saw one in the morning come in. We had a pretty good rain Monday night so this might slow down the tree cutting for awhile. Dan Collom says we are about 1/3 done with the sawing.
This weekend, April 29 – 30 is Bridgeton’s Mt. Man Rendezvous. Folks come from all over and dress up like they are fur trappers from the 1820s. There is hatchet throwing, musket shooting …. etc. Saturday is the Auction for the New Covered Bridge. There will be some of the wood from the old covered bridge in the sale. I’m told there is lots of good stuff including antiques, a riding mower, chain saw, Amish Quilted Wall Hanging of Bridgeton Covered Bridge, Art and more. Oh, don’t forget Ben Hill’s model of the Bridgeton Covered Bridge. It will be auctioned off also. You can see a photo of it on previous blogs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mike,

    It was good to see you again on Sunday. Did you get chance to look at the DVD?

    I also put link to yur Blog on my Blog:

    Happy Sawing, and stay out of the way of those hatchets!!


  2. Sabrina says:

    I really like your blog, please keep posting.

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