Sawing Wood for Covered Bridge

The Auction for the Covered Bridge is Saturday, April 29th. In the last blog I had the wrong date. I am attempting to put Ethan’s drawing on here again. The last two times it only published one photo even though I put in two. So, I will attempt one photo only. There is a little red X again instead of a photo …. sometimes this becomes a photo and sometimes it vanishes in cyberspace.

We are still sawing logs. We took off Sun for Easter and Mon – Tu so Dan and Terry could get some work done. Wed it was too wet and Dan still had some work to do. Thur we got a lot of work done. Dan’s skid steer broke down and that slowed us down for awhile. He is getting new batteries for it and hopefully it will run tomorrow. We are running low on logs again. We hope to get more logs before the weekend. Terry is cutting the oak floor boards. Dan and Don are still cutting the larger pieces. Karen (My wife), me and Rob Jones are painting the ends of the lumber in the evenings so they won’t crack. Ethan and Cinnamon helped Karen one day. I have a photo of them painting. I hope to put it on the blog sometime.

Mike Roe

Bridgeton Mill

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