Temporary Wedges

Posted By on February 20, 2012


We drive oak wedges on top of the posts as we raise the building.  We are going about 1/2 in. per month.  There are 6 posts we are working on.

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  2. Brielle Luna says:

    These looked so durable and I think this would last for years.

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  8. Ben Johns says:

    Now this is some called the craftman’s journey, pretty long work patience is required.

  9. Website says:

    Oak wood are such rigid and solid material for wedges, they’ll last for ages.

  10. Pete Saffra says:

    A temporay can be permanent, better settle with tough and last-to-ages wood like oak.

  11. Johnson Matthew says:

    A craftsman never gets old, just like that piece of wood.

  12. Website says:

    That’s a lot of patience.

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    That’s a great wood, and lots of work too!

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  25. This is so cool! Are they really that durable?

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  27. Looks strong and durable enough. We hope it withstands the storms there.

  28. Jared Plow says:

    What I admire from country side construction is that the quality of materials being utilized are the best and toughest. You’re assured of quality workmanship

  29. site says:

    It’s amazing what you can do with wood. I used wedges similar to these while doing some body work on the wooden cover of a hotrod.

  30. It’s already 2021. I hope you renovated this basement though.

  31. Can you guys post a picture of the update of this basement? We are really curious.

  32. I hope that would last for so long. Great post by the way.

  33. Nicole Eckel says:

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    Those posts look very durable! Keep us posted on how they hold up please.

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