Trees for the New Covered Bridge

Announcements were sent out to 4 local newspapers to ask for donations of trees for the project. Plus, several TV stations ran info about it on their news programs. I’ve been told hundreds of folks have called in wanting to donate trees. We feel confident that we will have all the trees we need.

A Terre Haute couple Calvin and Peg Dyer have donated 3 Poplar trees and made the front page of section C in the Terre Haute Tribune Star. (See photo above) One of the trees had a trunk measurement of 134″ circumference. (That is a little over 11 feet).

Once all the tree donations have been made the sawmills will then decide which trees to go after.

Tell your friends to check out these updates and maybe they would like to help. For $$$ donations to the project go to For other donations contact me.

Mike Roe

Bridgeton Mill

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