Updates on Building the New Covered Bridge

The Covered Bridge Festival is over and we now have a little over $130,000. in the bank for the new covered bridge. The blueprints have been done by MMS AE (For Free) and will be given to us on Nov. 10th in a small ceremony. This should be the start of deciding who will do the work, when it will start and how much will it cost.
The Amish of Parke County donated a small building to be used during the Covered Bridge Festival as a donation booth. We had many volunteers take turns watching the booth and asking for donations. There were many items donated and sold at the booth. Also, there was an 8 foot long wooden covered bridge and a beautiful water color of the bridge donated for the raffle. The donation booth brought in around $17,000. for the new covered bridge.
I will attempt to put a picture on for you to see. If it doesn’t work I will consult my son for advice.

Check back occasionally for new info. Tell your friends. If you wish to donate go to

Mike Roe
Bridgeton Mill

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