Wabash Students Helping

Posted By on June 10, 2006

Here is a photo of the Wabash College students working on the BIG pile of sticks. The pile of sticks were created by Terry Rooksberry. He cuts the slabs into 2 X 4s 2X 6s … etc. and also cuts the siding out of the 1 inch slabs. When Terry gets the slabs they have bark on the edges and some have bad spots. He trims these off and throws the pieces (sticks) into a pile behind him. The skid steers try to keep the pile cleaned up and out of Terry’s way. However it had gotten out of hand and Terry was throwing the sticks on top of it and they were sliding down the sides. This made it impossible to pick up with a skid steer because the sticks were all going in different directions. The students pulled the pile apart and restacked the sticks (all going in the same direction). They made several smaller piles and then Dick Brown was able to move the sticks to a trash pile. Terry was surprised and glad to see the big pile gone and out of his way.
I never did see the big 50 + inch logs. But, I was told all the logs we need are here. We had several problems on Friday and didn’t get much done. Sat. went better but we only had 2 Wood Mizers going. Hopefully next week will run smooth and we will get all the logs sawed.

Apex Masonry started work on the center pier and it is looking good.

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