2011 Was a Tough Year

Posted By on December 26, 2011

We had a big flood in Feb. and several more in March and April.  The Mill Pond was filled with trees and high winds had knocked down 7 trees in the Tail Race.  Then a tornado hit the mill in May.  We had a lot of water damage in the mill because part of the roof was gone and it kept raining.  With good insurance and lots of volunteer help we managed to get it all back together and in better than ever shape.  The mill was robbed 4 times during the year.  We finally got a good view of the (suspect) with our security cameras and he was caught and put in jail.  We had a beautiful Spring.  But, it only lasted a few days.  Then it started raining and didn’t stop until the drought started.  During the rebuilding of the mill we had back to back days of 110 to 115 heat (with heat index added).  Gas was high and the economy was low ……… However, we had a very good fall and the best ever Covered Bridge Festival.  So, we are planning for 2012 and hoping for a good year.

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  1. I agree. 2011 was a really tough year also for me too but I moved on.

  2. shocks. hoping it will not happen again.

  3. 2011 is also tough for me. but it made me strong!

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  17. I hope you guys are more successful now. It’s all in the past and works for the future.

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    I also remember the time our houses got flooded and all-important stuff got destroyed.

  19. That is so sad. Robbed four times. I hope the thieves got caught.

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  21. It’s 2021 now, but it is much worse than 2011 because of COVID 19 pandemic:(

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  24. I agree, 2011 was really a tough year. But the good news everything was okay. Thanks God.

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  27. 2011 is also tough for me. but it made me strong!

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