Six Feet Sore

abc-blog-26It felt like I had sand in my boots.  Charlie and Dave kept talking about sand in their boots.  When the day was over and we took off our boots …. there was some skin missing.  Jimmy told us it was cement poisoning.  He told us to use white vinegar on it.  Karen had some in the Snack Shop so I put it on.  I’m not much of a dancer but I sure did some fancy foot work after that ! ! !  Charlie and Dave thought they would wait till they got home.  The next day my feet were hurting so I took off my shoes.  The left foot was kind of black looking on the top and the blood veins looked like red lightning bolts.  It was Sat. afternoon and the Doc. was closed so I went to the emergency room.  Charlie’s wife called that night and said his feet looked bad and we told her to take him to the emergency room.  Dave managed to cure his feet on his own.  I think I missed the part about soaking in white vinegar.

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