Auction for the Bridge

Posted By on May 2, 2006

The blog seemed to be down for awhile. I couldn’t get it to do anything. It is working today and a photo showed up. Hopefully it will come through cyberspace. The photo is of Ethan (age 6) and Cinnamon (age 5) painting the ends of the lumber the Wood Mizers are cutting. Even my grandchildren are helping out. They helped my wife Karen paint in the evening after the machinery was turned off. Pike Lumber gave us the paint. It is a special waxy paint for this job.
Last week I counted 12 tractor trailer loads of logs being delivered across the creek from the mill. I was told they (The logging companies) were going to try and cut all the trees we needed and deliver them.
The weekend went well in spite of the rain. There was a good turnout for the Mountain Man Rendezvous on Sat. But it was totally rained out on Sun. The Auction for the Covered Bridge on Sat. went very well also. The participation was light but the bidding was strong. The auction raised around $7000. for the bridge. Also, the community foundation gave a check for a little over $7000. So, the total for the day was right at $14,000.
My wife and I couldn’t go to the auction. I was giving demonstrations in the mill and Karen was busy feeding folks in her “Best Food by a dam Site” restaurant. The covered bridge model went for more than my $200. bid. But, there was a smaller one and I got it for $200. I plan to display it in the mill.

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