Time Out – We Need To Grind

Posted By on February 20, 2012

The Farmer’s Markets we do in the winter are doing very well.  More and more folks want fresh natural food.  So, we are running out of products and need to grind more.  However, raising the floors has made the stones and everything connected to them out of level.  In the photo you can see how it is done.  “A” is where we removed the wedges at the top of the posts.  “B” is where we drove in new wedges to raise the posts.  “C” is the axle the stones set on and had to be readjusted to perfectly vertical once the  posts were raised.  “D”  is the axle the pulleys ride on and has to be level so the flat belts will track in the center.  Once this is done the bed stone had to be leveled.  There are 4 large bolts under it to turn and level the stone.  I get it as close as possible with level and then lower the runner stone to within about  1/4 inch of the bed stone.  Start the runner stone spinning and slowly lower it until it starts touching somewhere around the stone.  Look for the sparks.  Then I turn the large bolt under sparks to lower the stone a hair and stop the sparking.  I raise the other side until it sparks and then down a hair.  A few more minute adjustments and it is pert near perfect.  Then check all 4 bolts to make sure they are holding the stone equally. Then, clean, clean and clean some more and we are ready for grinding.

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  1. Don Taylor says:

    Pretty neat! Hmm, interesting but I would want to know more.

  2. Jake Brando says:

    I love how the wooden structures being set-up, looks medieval and very functional tools!

  3. Nicholas Keeg says:

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  4. Julian Rappioli says:

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  5. I suggest you open more space to allow sunlight in, it kinda look dim inside.

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  9. Wooden structures are sometimes really hard to deal with because most of the cases they bend and it will affect its stability. Luckily you did some adjustments, I believe it will become more stable.

  10. Mark Williams says:

    We all want this set-up, I know that.

  11. Maybe a little bit of adjustments of the wood will make it much more stable.

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