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Posted By on March 30, 2006

The photo is of Ethan’s drawing of the Bridgeton Mill and Covered Bridge. He likes to draw and this is one of his favorite subjects. The other one is dragons. I have tried to put news on this blog a couple of times but it won’t go for some reason. If this thing was water powered I could fix it.

Speaking of water powered. My son Dustin (Ethan and Dylan’s dad) helped me take the old water wheel apart this week. I hope to rebuild it and put it on the mill someday. First I have to get the mill cleaned up because Saturday is April 1st. Not only is this April Fools day, it is the grand reopening of the Bridgeton Mill for the summer. We will be open 10 Til-Tired all summer long – I might take off a Tu or Wed here and there. The Miller’s Wife won’t have the “Best Food by a Dam Site” open the first weekend. It should be open the second weekend though. And yes ….. We will have “Sweet Potato Pie Ice Cream”. I’ve been told it is ready to go!

We have 3 bids for rebuilding the Bridgeton Covered Bridge. The Timber Framers Guild, Dave Waters and Dan Collum, and Amos Swartz. This coming Tuesday April,4th we will decide which bid is the best for us and then we will have a meeting with the BCBA (Bridgeton Covered Bridge Association) to report or findings and recommendations. I have set the BCBA meeting up for the following Sat. April 8th so we can get started.

The Wood Mizers are suppose to set up next weekend and get ready to cut logs.

Stay tuned ….. It is going to be an exciting summer in Bridgeton.

Mike Roe

Bridgeton Mill

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