Dressing the Stones

blog-stone-dressingThe old furrows (Grooves from center to outer edge) were getting too wide due to years of dressing (Sharpening).   So, I had to remove about 1/4 in.  from the face of each stone.  Then, cut new furrows.  I used diamond blades and it took 3 weeks (It is fresh water quartz – harder than glass).

Course I have customers … etc.  So, I didn’t work on them constantly.  I laid out the same pattern of furrows that were in the stone originally.  The red color on the stone is red chalk.  I rubbed a straight edge over the stone and this marked the high spots for me to grind off.  Once it was perfectly flat I gave both stones a slight taper to the edge and made sure the edge of the furrows were sharp.  I managed to cut my hand once so I know they are sharp.

I am now making the best flour and cornmeal I have ever made.  Theoretically I won’t have to do this again for another 50 years.

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