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Posted By on March 28, 2006

I promised to show one of Ethan’s (Age 6) drawings of the Bridgeton Mill and Covered Bridge. He likes to draw and this is one of his favorite subjects. In one of the last blogs I asked if anyone new what was hanging down at the ends of Ben Hill’s model of the Bridgeton Covered Bridge. Some folks knew the answer. It is the ends of the arch that goes through the bridge. The arch ring travels below the floor of the bridge and rests on the abutment (Foundation).

Today – Tuesday 28, 2006 we are meeting with Dave Waters and Dan Collum to get a bid on the bridge. Then later we are meeting with Amos Schwartz to get another bid. This should make 3 bids counting the Timber Framers. We are hoping to make a decision this week.

I’ve noticed Ethan’s drawing has not appeared on the blog. Normally it would be here by now.

I’m still having trouble with blogging. Did you know that when you use the “Spell Checker” on the blog it always says “blog” is misspelled? It suggests “bloc” Now what is with that? When I Spell Checked “blogging” it suggested “flogging”. Sometimes I feel like flogging this machine!

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