photo of Dustin

Today I am posting a photo of Dustin (Our middle son – Ethan and Dylan’s father) helping on the covered bridge. I have a lot of nice photos I would like to share with all of you. But, they won’t show up for some reason. I am getting the little red X again. Oh well.
I have seen 11 loads of logs being delivered across the creek from the mill since Monday. There has probably been more. The last I heard we are planning to start sawing again on Monday. That is good because I am way behind in the milling. I bagged product all day today and plan to grind blue and yellow corn tomorrow. This weekend is the Mt. Man Rendezvous and The Auction for the Covered Bridge. Today I had around 60 kids in the mill for a demonstration. They were in the 2nd grade and pretty noisy until I started grinding. Then they all pushed forward and paid attention. When it was over some of them had pretty good questions. It is nice to see young kids interested in American History and how things worked. I asked my usual question for kids “You grind corn to make cornmeal … What do you grind to make flour?” The 3rd kid got the answer right. Sometimes grownups don’t know the answer. Sometimes someone says “flowers?”

Mike Roe
Bridgeton Mill


  1. Karmyn Newburn on November 17, 2008 at 10:48 pm

    Ha. This is cool, I love coming to see the mill. Sometimes I make my grandpa take me all the way to Bridgeton to stand on the bridge and overlook the water, I just think its cool.
    I love coming down there at the Covered Bridge Festival.
    Dustin Roe is my Orchestra teacher. He’s pretty much AWESOME.
    Anyways; Im going to use some info and things off of this website for my project in my history class that I am doing on mills.
    Thank you!

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